Thursday, June 20, 2013

Marine Corps Annual Training

Annual Training time is upon us. It has honestly been the LONGEST week in a very long time. My week has been full of school, stepping in to help my sister with my new nephew, and three baseball games. Two which meant us getting home after 10 pm. You would think after 17 years as a Marine Wife and 6 deployments the separation would be easy. Certainly not. I think it gets harder as the kids are older with extra responsibilities. When my Marine is gone, I never get to bed on time and always feel like I am losing my mind. Sometimes I feel like I am going in circles looking for my keys, phone, etc even when I feel I am organized. Something about the mindlessness that comes with doing it all on your own. This Momma has made a decision to be in bed and asleep EARLY tonight. Tomorrow is full of getting the house picked up and pool time with my boys. I can't wait for some R & R this weekend. No hectic schedules and lots of downtime! One week done... one to go.


  1. My husband is gone too. Yours wouldn't happen to be in WV would he?


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